The man I knew as MARK BORIS MORGAN continues to prey on other women. 

<(cannot locate user profile without signing up; but what is a "professed" Christian man doing on a Muslim Matrimonial website?)
updated links on March 12, 2013 (name is Edmund) (profile of William Bordes)

Cupidball90 ( WOLF ,Wyoming ,United States

(profile says:  52 Year Old · Male · From Ng · Joined on July 20, 2010 · Relationship status: Single · Born on July 20th - "ng" is this Nigeria?)

(the "French" Mark - Jean Pierre from or lives in France, Champagne-Ardenne, Toulouse)

 (In this one, his son is Mark.  He is Kevin Scott.  It says he is operating out of South Florida.  Another blog said Ghana.)    

Click on his photo(s) then look through what comes up for his familiar patter in English (several languages are shown): *see new photo

*new photo

*new photo found on dating-fraud
(titled "datingfraud_01_males_WKW_1287958704_02_Jimmy_jpg_small.jpg")

Scroll down to the familiar photo and you will see a different profile, but the same kind of patter:
name here: 
Mark Alfonso Micheal,
- 51 y/o male
- baltimore, USA
- English, English, English
- Have no children
Michael Merlings, 62
from New York

I am: Man
Seeking a: Woman
Age: 51
Country: Usa
State: Illinois
City: chicago
Zip: 60074
Name: richmondwyton


*new photo found on dating-fraud
(titled "datingfraud_01_males_WKW_1287958704_02_Jimmy_jpg_small.jpg")
Updates May 2012


Updates Oct 2012

BEWARE:  He is now on   (Oct 2012)



In 2011 & early 2012, he used an email address of and when he and I were in communication, he used these phone numbers:  (323) 400-4770 & "work" (323) 244-2927. 

UPDATE: markmorg216@yahoo.comcom .



The picture below and above top left is the one that he has used on a dating site called:  Note on his profile, he says he is Hispanic. He told me he was born to a Russian mother and an American father.  In retrospect, an American engineer in Moscow in 1946?   He has an extremely thick foreign accent making him hard to understand especially since he speaks very softly.   Click link above to go to his profile, but in case he removes it, here is a copy of his introduction and his profile:


Please note above, under his Details on the right, it states the site was last visited on March 26, 2012.  Ironically, that was a day that we had no texting contact following contact the day before and the day after that.  I have transcribed, with a few exceptions, every word of our texting and yahoo messaging for the almost one year that we were in contact.  I have copied below our texting from March 20, 2012 through April 1, 2012.  At that particular time, he was claiming that he could not email with me because he had to do all of his computer access at an internet cafe in Kiev, Ukraine.  Therefore, he was also not able to yahoo message.  The conversations copied below pertain to the final loan he requested of me. 


(the blue text is mine; I've added Mark's name to his text which is in black - the SKIPS are for insignificant conversation)

3/20/12  11:45 am
Mark u are driving me crazy.  Does $11000 cover everything

Mark if I do this and u deviate in any way it will be the end.  Do u understand that
MARK:  I understand my love why will I deviate?  Just a little on it to cover it alright?
Quickly please.  How much is a little
Mark, I’m on a time stretch.  I wanted to call them before noon.  It’s 11:58  How much is a little.
MARK:  Anything love,  add 1000 to it if u wish or less
U throw a thousand around like its nothing.  And I’m scrimping here.
Are u telling me the $11000 did not cover the bank fee?
What are u doing that is more important than responding to me?
MARK:  Baby, just add anything so I can use it for the bank fee alright?
I’m calling.  Don’t distract me.   I’ll add $500
MARK:  Ok love
3/20/12  12:37 pm

I contacted u at 10am this morning!!!!!!!  What that means is the money is not going to be in my bank until Monday.
Mark, give me ur word that u will use the $11,500  exactly as we talked about; that u will fly home next week.
Your word and your
MARK:  I will come home my love.  I love u so so much baby… thanks so much.
U have a lot of sweet talking u are going to have to do.  That was very costly as I had them withhold taxes on this and the January withdrawal.
Your WORD and your PROMISE   ????
MARK:  I have baby, come home and you will have it all.
MARK:  My words….

I'm not being silly or unreasonable.  In January after paying the attorney u could have come home then.en.
MARK:  I will baby, I will my love.
When do u plan to go back
MARK:  Baby u have asked me this so many times, what are all those interrogations for?
I have never asked that question.  Because u say I’m a part of things.  then I ask questions.  U do not volunteer details.  U are very secretive.
It makes me feel like I’m not part of your life other than just a money source.
3/20/12  1:45 pm
MARK:  My love, u were the one who said do all we have discussed, make sure u come back next week and I promised u that I will do that.  What else do u want me to do.  I can not buy a ticket unless I have money, baby u are not a money source, u are my wife, baby, but all the questions u are asking does not seem its because u want to know.  it seems u are scared and I have told u times without number that u have nothing to be scared of.
Yes, being scared plays a big part.  I won’t rest easy until u are actually standing in front of me.
Please please don’t get sick again.
MARK:  Everything will be fine love…..
What I mean by my question… will u have to go back for these hearings or will u not be needed until the trial.
MARK:  It will not be needed, I will be with u my love.
One last question.  Has the attorney actually told u he wants more money
MARK:  We discussed that before but like I told u yesterday, he will get it later when I get home…
Ok, get some rest.
MARK:  I love u.  kisses and hugs.
Kisses n hugs.  Until manana
3/21/12  1:35 am
Since its  8:30 there thought I would see if u are up.  I’m preparing for bed.
3/21/12  8:23 am
I’m awake.  What are u doing.  How was ur day
I have sent two texts today.  Is there a problem?  Please do not wait until ur bedtime/sleepytime to contact me.
3/21/12  12:18 pm
MARK:  Hello love, how are you doing my love   how was your night?
I sent u 3 texts.  Did u get any of them.
MARK:  No my love, when did u send it?
I’m good.  Went to bed at 2am… after sending u a text at 8:30 am your 2time.  then at 3
I’ve been reading some novels I got at the library.  Finished one last night.
MARK:  Oh I did not get the message.  Did u sleep well.
Yes, the new prescription is working  very well.
MARK:  I am happy to hear that.
Is it 7:22 pm there?
MARK:  It’s 7:28pm now, what’s ur plan for today?
3/21/12  12:31 pm pm
I’ve got to get dressed (lazy here) and go to post office & to pharmacy to get refilled prescriptions.  Dos Ukraine not honor daylight savings time?
MARK:  No, baby they do not.
MARK:  Well, I am ready once the money gets in.

To where are u shipping your freight
Why to LA?  Do u have a warehouse out there?  (no u didn’t tell me)
MARK:  My love, it will take a month or 2 for it to arrive and by then I would have made provision or it, alright…
I have room for it.
MARK:  U have room for it?  well does it really matter now?  I will have to check again to see how much that will cost to ship it to you…
How big is it?
Is it too big to be baggage on ur flight.  I believe that is $50 or $100 per bag.
3/22/12  7:58 am am
MARK:  Hello my love, how are you doing my love….
Good morning  did any previous text come in?
Yes, it started to rain which makes Bubbles scared so she slept with me.  Are ur bags packed.
MARK:  Well, I am ready once the money gets in.
I’m hoping it will be in my account on Saturday.  If I can get the wire transfer going then it could be in orgi’s bank on tues, Wednesday at the latest.  Then there’s the problem they never have enough money available.
To where are you u shipping your freightght
U need to fly on a weekday.  It’s cheaper then.  I’m hoping u will get on the 5:30 am flights.  That puts u here at 2:30 in the afternoon.
3/22/12  8:17 am
MARK:  I am shipping them to home my love and I will tell him again so that he can call his bank since this is not so big like before I could get it all.
To here or to LA?
MARK:  Yes, my love.  So what ur plan today?
MARK:  It can not be baggage my love, they are heavy.. they are heavy tools for work.  love I have to eat  something now.  I have not eaten today.
Did u fall asleep at 8 last night?  U just disappeared.
MARK:  My love let’s talk when I get back alright?  Kisses and hugs.  I love u and be a good girl.
3/22/12  1:43 pm
It’s been 5 hours since u left to eat.  Can u possibly see why I feel so so unsure about ur true feelings for me?  U seem to most often wait until ur bedtime to contact me when u r so sleepy.  U said “let’s talk when I get back”.
Can u see why I fear u are just using me?
3/22/12  3:01 pm
MARK:  Hello baby, how are u doing my love?
MARK:  My love, do u ever forget that my phone is acting crazy.  Do u think I love to go mins without talking to u  How come u told me many times that u sent me message but I never got them?
OK, I have company.  Sq dnc friends.  Might stay an hour.
MARK:  Oh alright, are u alright?
I’m ok.  I hate your phone.
MARK:  That makes two of us my love…
They will be leaving soon.
MARK:  Oh alright.
3/22/12  4:13 pm
Are u still awake.  I’d like to talk.
MARK:  I am here sexy.
I am normally a very secure self confident woman.  It’s just the circumstances and some history too that has been making me crazy.  Can u understand?
U have to know that if u don’t come through, I am totally ruined and not just financially.
3/22/12  4:34 pm
MARK:  My love… why are u still worried, do u wish to change ur mind.
Just explaining why I’m acting the way I am am

3/24/12  2:11 am
MARK:  Hello love, how are u?
It’s so good to hear  from u.  I am starting to get excited.  I was just going to bed.  Have u been yo long?
3/24/12  2:31 am
MARK:  No my love, alright, go to bed ok?  I will talk to u later..
Take care don’t let anything happen to u now.  We’ve waited so long
I will check my bank in the morning to see.
MARK:  Alright my love, I am alright and everything will be just fine baby, kisses and hugs.
I hope the money will be there.  If it is, I’ll start wire trans.  I’ve u too
Soon baby   Wed or Thursday

3/25/12  7:57 AM
MARK:  Hello love, how are u doing my love?
Pretty good for no sleep.  How r u?
MARK:  I am alright.  Just worried about u.  what have you been doing?  U should sleep my love..
I finally just gave up.  I’ve been sewing & painting.  I’m getting ready to go to the bank.  U know what that means, right?
My love, is $10,500 going to strap u.  I was going to pay down my credit card, but if u need more…..
3/25/12  8:17 am

This is no time for ur phone to go out.  I need ur answer to the $10,000 question.
8:39 am am
MARK:  My love, we discussed 11,500, right n that was what u requested.
I’m sorry to argue but it was $10500.  U first said $16000 then u came down to 11,000 and I said 10000 and u said ok but add a little to it.  R u telling me u must have 11,500
MARK:  No, I said 11000 then I asked u to add something to it so that it will be used for the percentage.
Bad word… bad word…. Bad word.
MARK:  What’s bad word love?
I’m cussing a blue streak, can’t u tell.
OK I’m leaving for bank.
MARK:  Alright, I did not mean to confuse u love, so how much will you wire the 11500?
MARK:  Ok my love.
3/25/12  9:35 am
The deed is done.  Ta da!!!!
3/25/12  10:29 am
No comments????
3/25/12  2:16 pm
MARK:  Hello love, I have not heard from u.  is everything alright?
I texted u twice when I left the bank.  Everything went smoothly.
MARK:  Hello love, I have not heard from u is everything alright?
MARK:  Oh, I never got that.. what have you been up to my love?  I am happy that I will be coming sooner baby.  I can not wait to see your beautiful eyes my love.

How do u plan to let me know when u leave?  When text doesn’t work, does the phone make calls?
MARK:  I will find a way my love.  I am so happy and anxious my love….

Darlin are u there?
MARK:  Hello love, how are you love?ve?


Hey, lady... you, who might be reading this... does any of this sound familiar?  Does it sound like conversations you might have had with this individual?  Please run away as fast as you can.  He is obviously a professional.  He will do anything, push any of your buttons, to gain your trust and confidence and ... sorry to say ... your love.

Mark Morgan first contacted me in March of 2011 by sending me a message on my Facebook account, showing interest in me after seeing my picture "by accident".  At first I told him that I didn't have time.  But, in late May, I sent him a Facebook message asking for him to tell me something about himself.  From that point on, we sent emails, we corresponded in Yahoo messaging, but mostly, we texted on our cell phones.  Throughout this time, he phoned me approximately ten times, but we didn't talk much on the phone because he had such a thick accent and I had difficulty understanding him.  Although he allegedly had two cell phone numbers, calls to him would never go through.  The calls from him say "Blocked".

Mark Morgan claimed to have been born in Moscow to a Russian mother and an American father and that his birthdate is July 22, 1946, making him age 65 in July 2011.  He claimed he moved away from Russian as a young man going to "university" in Ireland where he met his wife.  He claimed he moved to the United States about five years prior to 2011 following his wife's death in order to meet his father before the father's death.  He claims he has a grown daughter in Ireland who is married with one son.  He claimed to be a contractor for the building of roads and bridges and that most of his work is done in Eastern Europe.  He claimed he had just signed a contract to build or repair a road or highway in the Ukraine and he claimed to have left his home in Los Angeles, near the end of June 2011.  He claimed his address in Los Angeles was 1736 Glendon Ave., Los Angeles, CA.  That address does exist - it is in the Westwood neighborhood, north of San Monica.  According to internet information, it is a multi-unit townhouse, and three of the units are valued at $994,882, $882,300, and $528,672.  He claimed he had leased the townhome and prepaid rent on it for a year.  There is no way that Mark Morgan lived at that address.   (October 2012 - he is still using that address)

The largest factor in my belief in this man was a "bank" website to which he gave me the user name and passcode where he supposedly had an account which had approximately $700,000.00, at the New Alliance Bank -  This website had disappeared when I tried to access it a day or two after he was supposed to be flying to the U.S. to meet me in person - Monday, April 2, 2012.  It looked completely legitimate, even having login pages for user name and password, then another layer which lead to his bank account showing expenditures and deposits made in the early spring of 2011.  I'm computer savy, but it was unconceivable that he or his confederates could create a website that looked just like a bank's website that didn't seem to have any hidden offsite pages.

On August 16, 2011, here's what he explained about the bank account:


On 8/16/11 - this is the Yahoo Message between us:

dianebrogden: what did you want to show me?
markm4144: I want to show u my account that I have deactivated and u will see that I am not that man u think that I am….
dianebrogden: do you also plan to show me the contract you entered into for this job you are doing ???
markm4144: yes I will show u that tomorrow alright?
markm4144: click on this
dianebrogden: you have my email address. you can send to there. My body wants to shut down. It's been this way ever since you popped that news. just the opposite of what I was going through... now I just want to go to bed and sleep
markm4144: have u?
dianebrogden: it's open
markm4144: why not let us get this over with because I have not been myself ever since
markm4144:  Place your mouse arrow at the operations tab and a box will drop for you to click on account login
dianebrogden: yes?


dianebrogden: I'm there. what am I seeing?
markm4144: what do u see there?re?
markm4144: does it show u my account or not, these I have saved for us and I was supposed to use this to complete this project but I lost my card and some information and someone tried to rip me off but my bank contacted me and I asked them to deactivate it till I can come and prove that its mine
dianebrogden: I see 2 columns - 3 actually. 2 on right with figures. 1 on left with descriptions
markm4144: so do I look like the man that will run away with such money?ey?
markm4144: do u believe me now or not?


My last text from him was on April 1, 2012, but it wasn't anything except a lie trying to say he had been trying to text me.  I texted him the rest of Sunday asking for his flight information and when Monday came - the day he was to fly out - as the day dragged on, I finally began to admit that I had been duped, scammed, robbed, all of this by a man calling himself a Christian, an honorable man, and saying over and over that his word was good.


3/31/12  2:31 am
MARK:  Hello love, how are u doing my love…

MARK:  I will be flying out on Monday so relax, alright, be happy….
Whoopie!!!!  The fares were so high on Saturday or Sunday, I was pretty sure u would wait.  How do u feel?  Relieved?
MARK:  So relax alright?ht?


4/1/12   1:15 pm   Sunday
MARK:  Hello love, are u getting my messaging.



During the year of communication, with vows of love, words of honor, promises made, one problem after another happened on his job - he needed money from me of course.  The first loan was in August 2011 when he told me he had to pay the government a tax or a fine on his job that he didn't previously know about and they had shut down his job site.  On September 12, 2011, he claimed to have a nervous breakdown which put him in an Ukraine hospital for two or so weeks; then he recuperated in his rented apartment for close to a month, going back to the hospital for injections (that he didn't know what they were... they just made him feel better).  Then he finished the job, and on the day before he was to leave Kiev, he got word that his mother DIED in Moscow.  So he flew from Kiev to Moscow where it took him close to 2-1/2 to 3 weeks to bury her.  Immediately, just before or following her burial, he received a message that the "check bounced"; he was speaking of his payment for the road work he did in the Ukraine which was supposed to bring him $600,000.00.  With that news, around November 17th, he claimed he collapsed and was taken to a hospital in Moscow where he spent four weeks, out of communication with me until December 14th.  He then claimed he flew back to Kiev, Ukraine, to hire an attorney to sue the people who had cheated him out of his payment.  But he couldn't hire the attorney unless I sent him another loan to pay the attorney.  ("didn't I want him to finish there and come home?")   When he got back to Kiev, he claimed he was constantly being followed, and once, that he had been mugged but the police showed up in time to stop the mugging and he was only slightly hurt.

I have made this webpage for only two reasons - one to purge myself of my anger, my disappointment and hurt and yes, mortification, and secondly, to warn any other woman in the world who meets with this guy and is swayed by his sweet words and promises, that HE IS NOT REAL.  I doubt that these photos are his.   He played me for every dime he could get out of me.   He is a master at his game.   In transcribing our months of texting and yahoo messaging, I have 254 pages of a Word document, waiting until the day that the law finally catches him.

I can be reached at .   If you believe me and wish me to update this webpage with current information on Mark Morgan, I will be thrilled to include any such information in strict confidence.  Also, if you have been cheated by this man, you can file a report at - which is the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center.


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